A is for Accountant

Accounting: A system to measure business activity in financial terms, by means of recording and analyzing financial accounts or information.

A is for Accountant- a professional hired to carry out such means of accounting. Business or not, everyone has some method of accounting, whether self-prepared or out sourced. Keeping track of financials is the backbone of being compliant for financial regulations, monitoring business activity, and analyzing the data given. Accountants use methods of analyzing , recording, classifying, summarizing, reporting, and communicating in every account or business that comes their way. 

Don’t feel like going through that process? Don’t know if you can follow that process? That’s where we help. 

Reading and interpreting data decides where the transactions your business makes gets classified. Did you buy gas for the company vehicle or accidentally use the wrong card to buy a drink? No problem. Categorizing expenses, assets, liabilities, income, and the likes can be completed by a bookkeeper and passed to the accountant. 

An accountant is responsible for the summarizing, reporting, and analyzing of accounts. By using information like balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, as well as the likes, accountants can give interpretation and communicate a business’s developments. By interpreting the data given, company growth or development is made visible and paves way for financial planning. 

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Simply Taxes offers a Certified Public Accountant’s view of your business through means of analyzing, interpretation, and communication of your business. It can be hard to navigate the maze, and sometimes a little stressful. We will make all the balance sheets and income statements so you don’t have too!